McMinos Online Manual

McMinos Online Manual

If you are a first-time player, we recommend that you try the tutorial levels, currently shown at the top of the level list in the game's main menu. The tutorial levels introduce many elements of the game step by step. Most of them are easy to play, and also a nice testing area. If you play these, you may not even need the documentation on this page. Enjoy!



Go to Google Play and get the teaser or the full version of McMinos. Just tap the install button on the McMinos page in Google Play. It will be downloaded and installed after asking you for permission.


Go to Apple's iTunes App Store and get the teaser or the ful version of McMinos. Install from there just as you would do with any other App from the App Store.

The main menu

Here you can select the tutorial levels or a level category. There are also options to modify settings (language, sound, etc.) and, most importantly, an exit button. But be aware that you need not exit McMinos to perform other tasks - like accepting a phone call on your smart phone - McMinos will just lie back in the background and you can start again just where you paused after you have finished whatever it was you were doing.

The main menu of McMinos

The settings button and menu

In the top left corner of the main screen you find a settings button sporting three sliders as you may know them from studio mixers. If you tap on this button, a menu with several buttons pops up - from left to right:

  • sound (on|off)

  • music (on|off)

  • zoom main menu & toolbox in|out (i.e. increase|decrease symbols and text size)

  • switch language (currently: English|German)

  • abort

As these buttons do just what they claim to do, we hope that no further discussion is needed. Should be be wrong, please let us know.

The load button

The load corresponds to the save button you will find in the level screen's toolbox menu. After you have saved a game manually from inside the game screen, you will be able to load that saved game using the load button on the main screen. This means that the load button has no function until a game has been saved. Pressing it at first program start is futile. ;-)

Be aware that this save&load function is independent of the program's automatic persistence functionality. While the latter will provide automatic resumption of the game exactly where you left it when the program was last closed, aborted or crashed (may not always work in the last case), the save&load functionality offers a second slot to put a game state it.

So, if you have saved a game and shortly after abort the program you may either continue playing from where you were when the program stopped or actively go to the main menu and load the previously saved game state. The saved game will persist until it is overwritten with a new game state through the game screen's save option.

The info button

Tapping the info button will open a screen with some information on McMinos and it's creators, including credits and some statistics.

Exit button

Do we really have to explain this one? We chose the emergency exit symbol for a reason.

The level sets

The tutorial levels

This is the first set of levels presented to the player at first program start. We strongly recommend that you play these tutorial levels. And do read the introductions, they are not overly long and give hints on how to use the introduced items.

  1. Peas'n'walls

  2. Ghost "Hanky"

  3. Chocolate Take Away

  4. Of doors and keys

  5. Rock, rock me, baby!

  6. Go, get the jumping peas!

  7. It's a bomb!

  8. Small holes, big holes

  9. Warp holes

  10. Potions good and bad

  11. Dynamite

  12. One-Ways

  13. Mirror, mirror on the wall ...

  14. Speedy race

  15. Don't drink and ...

  16. Infinite world

  17. The mine is mine

  18. Playground

The final "Playground" level presents all introduced elements in one level, just to play around with them and have fun. Think of this level as a sandbox, just as is common with many wiki wiki systems.

The teaser version of McMinos

The free "teaser" version of McMinos has five levels for you to enjoy. We try to present diverse types of levels of increasing difficulty. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Just like the tutorial levels, the teaser levels have a short introductory text. It may contain a hint on how to solve the level. Read it.

The paid version of McMinos

The paid version of McMinos has two categories of levels to play:

  1. McMinos is alive!

  2. A level up

They provide 20 levels each, and of increasing difficulty. Again, just like the tutorial levels, most of the levels in these series have a short introduction displayed at level start. It may or may not provide useful hints. Read it at your own risk.

Have fun!

The game screen

The game screen mainly consists of the level area. In addition you find a toolbar on the left hand side, some symbols and status bars at the top, depending on which items are active, and a mini map of the level that usually resides in the top left corner as an overlay on the level area. The mini map will only be displayed if the level is larger at the currend zoom level than what fits on your devices display. I.e.: if you zoom out enough, the mini map may disappear.

The toolbar

The toolbar sits on the left edge of the game screen. It carries two important buttons and is the container where collected items from the level are stored until you use them.

The play & pause button
The settings button
The collectibles area of the toolbar
  1. chocolate

  2. key

  3. bomb

  4. dynamite

  5. mine

  6. umbrella

  7. medicine